Bond Board

Merthyr Tydfil Bond Board

The Bond Board assists people on a low income in housing need to secure private rented accommodation. We can offer a bond certificate or a cash deposit. The property you want to move to also has to be affordable and pass a health and safety check.

All referrals to the Bond Board are through Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. If you would like a referral please ring the Housing Solutions team on (01685) 725000. They will need to assess you to establish that you have a housing need.

You will only normally be referred if you have already found a suitable property. You should have viewed it and been offered a tenancy by the landlord or agent. Once we receive your referral, we will then contact you to arrange an interview.

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Who are the Bond Board?

The Merthyr Tydfil Bond Board is managed and operated by The Wallich, a homelessness charity for Wales that has been assisting people for over 40 years. We work in partnership with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council.

What is a bond?

A bond can either be an amount of cash you give the landlord that they keep as a surety – also called a cash deposit – or is a written guarantee that takes the place of a cash bond. Both will provide cover to the landlord if there is any damage to the property, or any rent arrears. The written guarantee lasts two years.

For both types of bond, we will open a savings account with Merthyr Credit Union on your behalf. This is so you can repay a cash bond, or save toward a cash bond to use when a certificate ends.

Who is the bond for?

Those households who are homeless, threatened with homelessness, in overcrowded accommodation or in a property that is in a poor state of repair. You will also need to be on a low income. Usually this means you will need to either qualify for, or be close to qualifying for, some Housing Element of Universal Credit.

What do I need to bring to my interview?

Once you have identified a suitable property you will normally need to provide proof of identity and proof of income, including things like passport, driving licence or benefits letter, recent utility bills, recent bank statements or wage slips.

Proof of income is needed because eligibility for a bond depends on your current financial circumstances. The Bond Board also needs to check that the property you wish to rent is affordable.

What happens after I am approved for a bond?

If you have a property you wish to move into a health and safety check will be carried out at the property. These checks need to be carried out to ensure there are no serious hazards such as whether there are secure windows and no electrical faults.

Will you discuss my application with anyone else?

If you are being helped by the Housing Solutions Team we will discuss your case with the relevant officer. We will also have to discuss your case with the relevant landlord or letting agency. If you are currently receiving any support we will discuss your case with the support providers. We will make an agreement with you giving the Bond Board permission to do this.

Is there anything I need to do?

You can help by finding a property you can afford. You also need to check that the landlord will accept a cash or paper bond from The Wallich. You will need to raise any rent in advance separately, though Housing Solutions team can advise on options or in some cases provide funds for this. In some cases you may also need to find a guarantor.

How long does the process take?

The whole process from interview to having the keys normally takes 1-2 weeks though can sometimes be longer. This is not normally held up by the bond process, however.

I have already signed the tenancy agreement can you still help me?

Unfortunately, you are not able to have a bond if you have already signed for the property and/or moved in.