Cold Weather Provision

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 guidance outlines that a Local Authority must have a plan in place to accommodate rough sleepers during severe or cold weather. As such we have published out cold weather plan which can be accessed here

However the following individuals are likely to be exluded from this provision

  • Pose a high risk to members of the public
  • Have been asked to leave temporary accommodation in the last three months due to their behaviour
  • Have been abusive to members of staff resulting in a ban from the Civic Centre

Advice and assistacne will be given to these individuals however due to the risk they pose we are unable to place them into temparary accommodation.

As we need to carry out a risk assesment on every potential placement under this proviison it is not avaiaible oout of hours. If you wish to access accommodation under this provision you need to attend the One Stop Shop at the Civic Centre so a risk assessment can be carried out.

Whilst the Winter Night Shelter is open we will look to place you here once the cold weather provision is triggered. This placement is also subject to a risk assessment.