Poor Housing Conditions

Do you live in rented accommodation and repairs are needed?

When renting a property, both the tenant and the Landlord have certain responsibilities, usually shown in a tenancy agreement.  It is usually the Landlords responsibility to maintain the structure and exterior of the premises, drains, gutters, pipes, garden paths, steps, electrical wiring, sinks, baths, toilets, fixed heaters and water heaters. Interior repairs should be listed in the tenancy conditions.


What can you do?

If you feel that the condition of the property is affecting your health or is causing a nuisance to others (e.g. neighbours properties also being affected) we would advise you to check your tenancy agreement for Landlords responsibilities. Try negotiating with your Landlord.

Don’t withhold you rent due to disrepair, this could result in you being served a notice to leave the property and could affect your chances of getting another home.

If this is not successful, contact our environmental health team on: 01685 725000 and they can come out to inspect the property.


What can Environmental Health do?

Depending on the condition of the property Environmental Health may serve a Notice to your Landlord requiring them to undertake necessary repairs. The Notice will also include a timescale and the Landlord must carry out these works by the set date or Environmental Health may take further action. The Landlord can be prosecuted for failing to undertake the works and in some cases the Local Authority may carry out the work.

In some instances Environmental Health may decide that the property is beyond repair. If this is the case the property is usually declared uninhabitable (not to be occupied). Environmental Health will then inform the Housing Solutions Team of this.

If you should decide to take any action against your Landlord due to disrepair, be mindful of the type of tenancy you have. It may be that the Landlord will decide to serve you Notice, although this is not always the case.

If you are served Notice, contact Merthyr Tydfil Housing Solutions on 01685 725000. An Officer will be able to give you further help and advice.