Supported Accommodation

Supported housing is a housing scheme where additional support is provided. Some schemes will be long term designed for those individuals who need support to live independently. Some are short-term designed to help people gain the practical and emotional skills needed to move on into mainstream housing.

The support given will depend on the individual’s needs. It can include:

  • Access to treatment services for alcohol, drug or health problems
  • Developing independent life skills
  • Developing budget skills
  • Encouragement to reconnect with family and friends or develop new social networks
  • Assistance in taking up education, training and employment opportunities.

The aims and purpose of supported housing are as follows:

  • The support enables service users to live as independently as possible in the community
  • Service users are empowered to be social included
  • Support varies and related to the nature of the accommodation
  • It is a finite and increasingly limited resource only available to those who are vulnerable

Access to this accommodation is usually through Housing Support Grant in partnership with the Housing Gateway.