National Landlord Association

What is a landlord association?

Landlord associations are essentially support networks for residential landlords. They can be resourceful hubs where Landlords go for help and practical advice. Advice and guidance can be given in relation to tenant related problems or any rights and responsibilities you may have as a landlord. That includes being kept informed of any new or incoming changes in landlord regulations and how you can comply.


Which landlord associations are available to join?

We do not endorse any particular landlord association, however, the following nationalised associations support landlords in England & Wales:

Landlords Guild Home Page April 2021 - GRL Landlord Association (

British Landlords Association British Landlords Association, BLA Free Landlord Association (

National Residential Landlords Association NRLA - The Home For Landlords


What are the benefits of joining a landlord association?

Generally, landlords associations offer advice and support on landlord related issues, analysis of issues impacting landlords, updates on current regulation, standards and legislation, access to template documentation (such as tenancy agreements and eviction notices) and an opportunity to discuss issues in an open forum.


Should I join a landlord association?

Being a member of an association will give you that extra support you need by guiding you through the legal issues and difficulties that landlord commonly experience, although there is no legal requirement to do so or a requirement for licencing through Rent Smart Wales.